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Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Chiropractors are leaders in the care of whiplash type injuries. Your Chiropractor, more than any other type of physician, is trained to help you to restore movement you may lose after the crash, speed your recovery, and diminish any chronic symptoms that may be developing. Whiplash is more accurately described as "cervical acceleration/deceleration syndrome"(CAD), because this terminology describes the rapid movements that can injure the vertebra of the neck along with the muscles and ligaments that support it when those structures are impacted from a blow from the rear.

 Researchers have recently discovered that CAD and it's effects can result from low speed collisions, as low as 3 miles per hour, and it often is present in crashes where no vehicular damage occurs. The anatomy of the cervical spine contributes to this potential for injury; think 12-18 lb bowling ball perched on a skinny stick! Our heads are so poorly supported that even the mildest impact can disrupt the delicate balance of head and neck muscles and ligaments that we so take for granted. Some doctors find it hard to believe their patients who complain of persistent headaches, neck pain, dizziness, etc. after "minor" car collisions, yet these symptoms persist for weeks, months, and in rare cases, years after the initial impact.

Whiplash is a serious public health problem. Each year, 3 million people experience whiplash neck and back injury, and data collected by researchers show that nearly half of all Americans with chronic neck pain attribute it to car crashes. A study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine not only points out the superiority of chiropractic care for chronic whiplash patients, but also examines which chronic whiplash patients respond best to chiropractic care.

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Chiropractic "Only Proven Effective Treatment" for Chronic Whiplash

A new study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine not only points out the superiority of chiropractic care for chronic whiplash patients, but also examines which chronic whiplash patients respond best to chiropractic care. The authors begin the paper by explaining that:

“Conventional treatment of patients with whiplash symptoms is disappointing."

A retrospective study by Woodward et al.(Woodward MN, Cook JCH, Gargan MF, Bannister GC. Chiropractic treatment of chronic whiplash injuries. Injury 1996;27:643-645), demonstrated that chiropractic treatment benefited 26 of 28 patients suffering from chronic whiplash syndrome.

The question was not whether chiropractic was beneficial for acute whiplash patients, but to determine which patients with chronic whiplash will benefit from chiropractic treatment.

The authors interviewed 100 consecutive chiropractic referrals for chronic whiplash symptoms, seven of which were “lost to follow up". They were able to divide the remaining 93 patients into three symptom groups:

Group 1: Patients with “neck pain radiating in a ‘coat hanger’ distribution, associated with restricted range of neck movement but with no neurological deficit”;

Group 2: Patients with “neurological symptoms, signs or both in association with neck pain and a restricted range of neck movement”;

Group 3: Patients who described “severe neck pain but all of whom has a full range of motion and no neurological symptoms or signs distributed over specific myotomes or dermatomes.” These patients also “described an unusual complex of symptoms,” including “blackouts, visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting and chest pain, along with a nondermatomal distribution of pain.”

The patients underwent an average of 19.3 adjustments over the course of 4.1 months (mean). The patients were then surveyed and their improvement reported as follows:

Group 1
24% - Asymptomatic
24% - Improved by Two Symptom Grades
24% - Improved by One Symptom Grade
28% - No Improvement

Group 2
38% - Asymptomatic
43% - Improved by Two Symptom Grades
13% - Improved by One Symptom Grade
6% - No Improvement

Group 3
0% - Asymptomatic
9% - Improved by Two Symptom Grades
18%- Improved by One Symptom Grade
64% - No Improvement
9% - Got Worse

In their discussion, the authors made these observations:

Woodward, et al., found improvement in chronic symptoms in 26 of 28 patients (93%) following chiropractic treatment. "Our results confirm the efficacy of chiropractic, with 69 of our 93 patients (74%) improving following treatment."
“Our study suggests that such a group of nonresponders does exist, represented by group 3. The defining characteristics of patients in this group were the full range of neck movement in association with neck pain, bizarre symptoms, female and ongoing litigation. The mean age of the group at 29.5 (16-43) was lower than that of the other two groups (mean 36.8, range 18-65)."

The results from this study provide further evidence that chiropractic is an effective treatment for chronic whiplash symptoms. However, our identification of a group of patients who fail to respond to such treatment, highlights the need for a careful history and physical examination before commencing treatment.”           
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Car Accident and Chiropractic Care

Accidents from automobiles cannot be predicted and in the event that they do occur, they mostly cause several types of injuries. Severe accidents cause major problems that are generally chronic in nature. Some of the injuries that are normally associated with car accidents are: Nerve damages, wrist problems, knee problems, leg problems, neck problems, head problems, and even shoulder problems. It is therefore significant to be more aware of car accident and chiropractic care so that you may be able to know what to do in case you find yourself in such a predicament in future. It is also important to understand what 'whiplash' is. This is actually the most common type of injury that victims suffer from in car accidents and it is generally a serious injury that affects the neck area. Victims of car crashes on the other hand usually experience multiple injuries to various parts of their bodies which is why knowledge on car accident and chiropractic care is vital.

Car Accident and Chiropractic Care - The Healing Process

Car accidents often leave physical and emotional scars because of the traumatizing incident. There are however numerous ways in which you can be able to heal both wounds in a short time. Chiropractic care is without doubt a great way of dealing with such injuries and it is advisable to ensure that you choose the professional who you will work with, carefully. Car accident and chiropractic care are two related issues with the latter being a vital aspect in the entire healing process. The entire healing process is moderately challenging which is why you will require several things to assist you and these are: Ice, sufficient rest, Epsom salt, Motrin and regular visits to the doctor. It is advisable to visit a chiropractor immediately after the accident in case you experience injuries to the back or the neck. Car accident and chiropractic care will generally demand that you take an X-Ray in the event that you feel extreme pain, nausea, dizziness or even vomiting.

Use ice on the affected areas as this will prevent any swelling but this should be done within 72 hours of the accident. In addition to this, you may also ingest anti-inflammatory medication in order to relieve pain. This part of car accident and chiropractic care should nonetheless be carried out after consultations with the chiropractor. In addition to this, the chiropractor can offer you massage services which are quite therapeutic since they help in preventing severe spasms of the muscles and relieving the pain in general. Rest is important which is why you should ensure that you get plenty of it after the accident. Moreover, you should also avoid carrying large loads that may put pressure on your body and you should generally lie still for the first few days. Car accident and chiropractic care procedures also entail that you drink large amounts of fluids, especially water, so that the body can be sufficiently hydrated. This helps a lot in healing.

On a conclusive note, it is important to follow advice from the doctor when you want to get the best from the car accident and chiropractic care healing process.

If you or someone you know has had an auto accident, seek a consultation immediately.  Call Bode Chiropractic today to start your road back to health. 

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The cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care vs. medical care

With ObamaCare getting started in the US, many are wondering just how much of there medical bills will now become their own responsibility.  If ObamaCare has shown us anything it is that medical costs will certainly not be going down as promised.  With this in mind many are beginning to look at the cost of their medical care much more closely.  Here is a recent article explaining the cost savings with Chiropractic Care vs Medical Care.  If you or your family is considering Chiropractic Care or have questions,  please call Bode Chiropractic today for a fee Consultation with the doctor.

With a shaky economy and the unknown future of healthcare in the US, consumers need better options in relieving pain and promoting health. A visit to a medical office for neck or low back pain can quickly progress to medication dependence and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Chiropractic care is growing in popularity due to its approach to wellness and prevention healthcare, not reaction medicine. As more research reveals the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care for treating neuromusculoskeletal complaints such as neck and low back pain, more insurances are including it as a covered benefit, and more medical doctors are referring their patients to chiropractors for relief.

Medical care is expensive!

An average visit to a medical office ranges from $60 to $300+ depending on the doctor and nature of the visit. Even with insurance coverage, a deductible or large co-pay can quickly add up to a deep hole in your wallet. You leave the office only to go to a pharmacy to purchase prescription medications that may be harmful and/or addictive. By the end of it all, you owe about $1000 to the medical office because you hurt your back gardening last weekend. The pain medication eases the pain, but does not address the underlying injury by masking it. Once the medication is gone, the pain comes back, and long story short you become addicted to medication. This may sound all too familiar to you or someone you know. For many people this is their current situation, the insurance companies continue to pay pharmaceutical companies to keep producing chemicals to keep up the addiction rates, a vicious cycle.

The opposite view of healthcare

Same situation, but instead of seeing your family doctor for the pain, you decide to see a chiropractor. A typical visit at a chiropractic office costs between $30 and $60. Many chiropractors offer a free or discounted examination and x-rays, something you will never see at a medical office. The chiropractor's goal is to get you out of pain AND fix the underlying issue so the pain doesn't return. Since chiropractors do not use harmful medications, the pain relief may not be instantaneous, and can be discouraging to those looking for a "quick-fix." Initial treatment periods may last a few weeks but the overall cost of care still remains much less than going to see a medical doctor.

Chiropractic care saves you money and takes it away from Big Pharma

Recent research has been examining the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care among other natural alternatives (physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage) versus conventional medicine. A 2012 systemic review found spinal manipulation therapy to be more cost-effective for neck and low back pain when compared with general practitioner care, physiotherapy or exercise. A study in 2007 compared care costs of a patient under the direction of a chiropractor as their primary care physician (PCP) versus a medical doctor. After 70,000 member-months spanning a 7-year period, hospital admission costs were decreased by 60.2 percent, cost of days spent in the hospital were decreased by 59.0 percent, and outpatient surgeries and procedures were down by 62.0 percent. If these numbers were not astonishing enough, the costs associated with pharmaceuticals decreased by 85 percent when compared to conventional medically driven care. All of these comparisons were done in the same time frame, geography, and health maintenance organization product.

Get the big picture?

The message would seem to be clear, but only recently have insurance providers and the medical industry began accepting chiropractic care as a viable and cost-effective treatment for neck and low back pain. If you haven't been to a chiropractor, it's time you started. Ask friends and family to refer you to a trusted chiropractor or look-up reviews online for someone in your area. The next time you need to see a doctor, help out your body and your wallet by going to your chiropractor.

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How to Heal Migraine Headaches Naturally

Migraine headache pain can be searing and is often debilitating. It frequently causes frustrating visits to the emergency room as well. While medical treatments sometimes help relieve the painful symptoms, they fail to correct the underlying cause. As a result, the migraines continue relentlessly. They can literally change the way you live you life and rob you of much freedom and joy. However, they do not have to prevent you from the joy of living your life! It may seem impossible now but you can overcome migraine headaches!

As a chiropractic physician, I have heard many horrific stories of pain and disability from migraine sufferers. I have taken care of teenagers who have had to quit playing sports or even had to be taken out of school altogether. I have taken care of adults who have lost their jobs or had to quit their job because of the pain and dysfunction. While I have helped hundreds of people overcome migraine headaches, I can only imagine dealing with this type of pain personally.
My goal has always been to help each person identify the underlying cause of the migraine. The cause of migraines is poorly understood by the medical community.  As a result, most drugs and other medical treatments tend to focus solely on the symptoms and leave the cause uncorrected. Many different drugs(1) have been used to prevent and treat migraines and all of them come with dangerous side effects.
However, correcting the cause brings long term relief and allows you to restore your life. Finding and correcting the cause is the key to healing any health condition, including migraine headaches. There is no medical cure or magic pill but there is healing for the migraine headache sufferer.
Let’s take a look at some of the most common underlying causes that interfere with normal healing. Correcting these causes has brought relief to hundreds of migraine sufferers in my practice and I know that it can help you as well.

The Neurological Component of Migraine Headaches

Many case studies such as this one have documented the extreme effectiveness of chiropractic care for the migraine. Scientific studies(23) have also confirmed this amazing effect of chiropractic care. The reason for this success is that chiropractic focuses on and specializes in removing stress from the nerve system. This neurological component is essential to healing migraines.
A stressed nerve system alone can cause severe pain and migraines. This stressed nerve system will also negatively affect blood flow in the brain – another major underlying cause of migraine headaches. Correcting the cause of the stress in the nerve system not only relieves pain but also restores normal function to blood flow. Nerve system interference is a factor in virtually all cases of migraine headaches.
It is important to note that not all chiropractic treatment is the same. Some chiropractic treatment focuses mostly on natural pain relief which is wonderful for the migraine sufferer. However, it may be short lived and limited in its overall effect. Other types of chiropractic care focus on correcting structural problems in your spine that cause pressure on your brain stem and nerves. This corrective care tends to bring greater relief and more long lasting results.
To achieve healing for your migraine, it is vital to include chiropractic care. It is just as important to make sure that you complete and maintain your chiropractic correction even if your pain is relieved sooner. This is the key to the tremendous and long lasting results for which chiropractic is well known.
Your chiropractor will also help you identify factors in your posture and lifestyle that have damaged your nerve system over the years so that you can prevent re-injury. Empower yourself with effective stress management as well to help prevent these nerve system problems.

Nutritional Healing for Migraine Headaches

Another common underlying cause of migraines is inflammation. Inflammation aggravates the nerves and interferes with normal blood flow as well. Anti-inflammatory drugs do not correct this because they cause further interference with your body’s natural healing.
Inflammation should be addressed with an anti-inflammatory diet, focusing a lots of green leafy vegetables, proper hydration and supplementation. Green, leafy vegetables (such as kale and spinach) contain high concentrations of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and antioxidants.
The most important supplement is a good quality Omega-3 supplement, such as krill oil with astaxanthin. This is vital for balancing inflammation and very effective, as well, at reducing the frequency and severity of migraines. Also, other healthy fats should be consumed daily. Fats like coconut oil (at least 2 tbsp daily), avocados, flax seed, and chia seeds are great anti-inflammatory sources of healthy fats.
Additionally, it is vitally important to avoid both MSG and aspartame. While these chemicals are common, they are both neurotoxic and they are common migraine triggers. MSG is in most all processed foods. Aspartame is in many sugar free foods and diet drinks. So, if you choose to consume ‘foods’ that come in a box or other package, be diligent to read the labels and avoid these chemicals. Read How to Avoid Being Secretly Poisoned by MSG for more information.
These nutritional changes do more than relieve symptoms. They address the underlying causes of inflammation and hormonal imbalances in order to bring true healing for migraine headaches.

How Exercise Helps Heal Migraines

Stress, inflammation and abnormal blood flow are underlying causes of migraines. Regular exercise is essential to relieve stress, improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation and balance hormones that affect the inflammatory response. The most effective exercise for this is high intensity interval training (HIIT). This article describes the basics of HIIT exercise and provides further resources.
However, if you are not currently exercising at all, you will need to start slow and work up to a full workout over the course of several weeks. The good news is that a full HIIT work out will only take 15-20 minutes! Start with only one 20 second exercise. If you respond well, the next day, do three 20-30 second repetitions. Then continue to progressively add more repititions.
As you do this, you will quickly find yourself feeling more energetic, more happy and upbeat and less stressed. Similar to the nutritional changes, adding this type of exercise to your lifestyle addresses underlying causes and brings actual healing.

Additional Natural Help for Migraine Headaches

Correcting the neurological component with chiropractic care and the inflammatory component with whole food nutrition and exercise are the keys to healing migraines. Here are five additional natural remedies for migraine headaches as well.
  1. Magnesium - Magnesium helps improve blood flow and relax nerves. So, increase your consumption of magnesium rich foods. Theses include: Pumpkin seeds, spinach, Swiss chard, wild Alaskan salmon, halibut, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, amaranth, quinoa, soybeans, and black beans.
  2. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - Riboflavin helps your cells produce energy. Research has shown that it can help prevent migraines. The research has suggested 400 mg which may be difficult to get entirely from food. You may need to take a B2 or B-complex supplement. However, consume more of these foods to increase your daily intake: whole grains, tempeh, almonds, crimini mushrooms, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and spinach.
  3. CoEnzyme Q10 - This antioxidant nutrient is vital for cell repair. It also helps balance inflammation keeps blood vessels healthy. Taking 300 mg daily has been shown to prevent migraines and reduce migraine head pain.
  4. Peppermint Oil - This essential oil has been known to relieve pain, relax nerves and stimulate blood flow. Rubbing a couple drops into the temples and the base of your head can help relieve migraine head pain.
  5. 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) - 5-HTP increases the body’s production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in blood vessel regulation. Optimizing serotonin levels has been associated with migraine relief. Supplementing with 200-400 mg of 5-HTP can help to naturally stimulate serotonin.
Migraine headaches are very difficult to treat. However, you do not have to be stuck with managing the painful symptoms. When you focus on healing the underlying causes rather than simply medicating the symptoms, you will have much better success. You can be well! There is healing for migraine headaches!

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What’s the difference between someone who get’s cancer and someone who doesn’t?

What’s the difference between someone who get’s cancer and someone who doesn’t? Most people have no idea, they think it has just been the hand they’ve been dealt. Bad luck, I guess. It’s just in my genes, runs in my family. Science is proving that is not true! Dr. Samuel Epstein, one of the nation’s leading oncologists states that less than 2 percent of cancers have a hereditary component.

So then, what’s the difference? Cancer in it’s simplest definition is just abnormal or mutated cells. We all have them, thus we all have cancer. But your body turns over these cells on a daily basis, and makes sure they don’t get out of control. So say, I may have 250,000 abnormal cells in my body as we speak. Well when that count reaches around 1 billion, that’s what is diagnosed as “cancer” and is detectable by modern day tests. So you probably know someone who had cancer, went in to remission, and then a few years later it came right back. That’s because they only got below that billion mark, they never actually fixed the reason why their body wasn’t turning over these cells to begin with. Just killing the abnormal cells with radiation or chemo doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

To put this in to an analogy, we all know someone who died far too young from lung cancer caused by smoking. For this example let’s say they died in their 40′s. But we also all know or have heard of someone who smoked all their life and lived in to their 90′s and died from natural causes. Let’s say those two people both smoked 2 packs a day, the exact same amount of cigarettes. What was the difference between the two individuals? They were exposed to the exact same amount of toxins. The difference was that the 90 year old’s body did a more efficient job turning over those abnormal cancer cells and dealing with the toxins. So what controls all healing in our body? The central nervous system. That is why it is so vital for it to be functioning as close to 100 percent at all times.

Our culture has gotten really caught up in finding a cure. Race for the cure, walk for the cure. We have all wore ribbons, gave a dollar or two at the grocery store to raise money. We need to take the focus off the cure and place it on the cause. Does that make sense? We are waiting on a miracle drug when 98 percent of cancers are caused by lifestyle choices and can be avoided all together. Stanford University is putting out more research than anyone else in a field of study known as “epigenetics”. They have proven that you genes do not determine your destiny. That you can be “predisposed” but that doesn’t mean that you are “predetermined”. They have proven that while you receive certain genetic markers from your parents, these still have to be expressed or “turned on”. These markers are turned on by lifestyle choices. They compare your genes to a loaded gun, and that the trigger still must be pulled by lifestyle choices. So ask yourself, is your current lifestyle more in line with a body that is making or fighting cancer?

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Power in Postive Thinking

Chiropractic Helps Digestive Disorders

 Over $80 billion are spent each year on drugs to relieve heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, gas, irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive disorders. These symptoms of abnormal digestive are becoming increasingly more prevalent in our society. Science and research have shown that chiropractic care offers a powerful solution to this modern-day epidemic.

The nervous system controls digestive function from several different regions. The vagus nerve which courses out of the brain stem and runs near the atlas bone innervates all the major organs of digestion and functions to stimulate the digestive process. Other major areas controlling the pace of digestion include the sympathetic nerves coming out of the thoracic & lumbar regions and the sacral parasympathetic nerve fibers. Spinal misalignment in any of these regions can lead to neurological compromise and altered digestive function.

Wellness oriented chiropractors search for the location of such spinal misalignments termed `subluxations.` A specific chiropractic adjustment realigns the altered regions and restores nerve supply to the deficient organs. This approach honors the body's innate ability to heal and works to harmonize this incredible life force in order to enhance organ function & quality of life.

Several studies have demonstrated the power of chiropractic adjustments restoring optimal function in individuals with digestive disturbances. In a published case study, a young woman had been afflicted with IBS symptoms once or twice a week for 5 years. After one adjustment she noticed an easing of symptoms and within a short time all her digestive problems disappeared. When the report was published 2 years later she was still symptom free.

A 2008 study demonstrated how effective chiropractic care is for infants with digestive disturbances. Researchers chose three infants who were experiencing infrequent bowel movements from once a week to once every 3 or 4 days. Parents of these infants had tried several different laxatives and other procedures recommended by their medical staff. They had also followed specific dietary changes and the use of cod liver oil and mineral oil without any results.

The infants began wellness oriented chiropractic for periods ranging from three weeks to three months. According to the study author Dr. Larry S.Arbeitman, D.C., ` All three experienced almost immediate improvement. By the end of the study all three had bowel movements at least once every day.`

Subluxations within specific areas of the spine can prevent the bowel from functioning properly. Throughout the years it has been common place to see instances of people of all ages who have not had a bowel movement for days experience almost immediate relief after an adjustment. Regular chiropractic care can help patients establish a more natural rhythm of comfortable, effortless elimination.

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The great direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising con: how patients and doctors alike are easily influenced to demand dangerous drugs

Staying informed is tough these days.  What is sad is when an industry takes advantage of this to mislead the very people they are supposed to be helping.  Well, unfortunately the drug companies are doing this very thing.  "Medical" drug usage has increased exponentially in the last 10 years without any decrease in mortality rate in this country.  Knowing this fact, the drug companies have not looked for better solutions, but rather have doubled their efforts to push as many drugs to the market before their bad side effects are seen.  Check out this article on some of the tactics used to sell dangerous drugs to you the public. 

A cute, animated ball bounces around very sadly until he takes a magic potion; suddenly, it becomes happier than ever. No, that isn't the plot of a new children's movie. On the contrary, it's the storyline of a Zoloft commercial – yes, Zoloft, a powerful antidepressant drug. In the 1990s, direct-to-consumer advertising like this increased at a compounded-annually rate of 30 percent, according to Ian Morrison's book, Health Care in the New Millennium. In fact, by 1995, drug companies had tripled the amount of money they formerly allotted to consumer-directed advertising, writes to Gary Null in Death by Medicine. Since then, pharmaceutical advertising has grown to an entirely new, pop culture-savvy level.

These days, it's hard to tell the difference between pharmaceutical commercials and car commercials. Both are almost always intended to look "cool." Car and pharmaceutical commercials use the same hooks -- popular music, good acting and lofty promises -- to hook consumers and reel them in. Falling prey to car commercials results in little more than hefty car payments; however, becoming seduced by pharmaceutical companies can result in the consumer willingly taking powerful drugs, at the risk of serious illness and even death. In spite of this tremendous risk, pharmaceutical advertisements are becoming increasingly common and, unfortunately, increasingly effective. In 2000, pharmaceutical companies spent $2.5 billion on mass media pharmaceutical advertisements, according to Mike Fillon in Ephedra: Fact or Fiction. This number increased to over $3 billion in 2003, according to Dr. John Abramson's book Overdosed America. In his book, Death by Prescription, Ray D. Strand looks at these high figures and poses the question: "Why?" Why do pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars on direct-to-consumer advertising, when consumers can only obtain prescriptions for these drugs through a doctor? Wouldn't it seem that consumers have no influence whatsoever on the success of a prescription drug, so advertising should be directed entirely toward doctors?  That makes sense, but it's not the way things work. Pharmaceutical companies wouldn't spend billions of dollars on direct-to-consumer advertising if it didn't work. In fact, the advertisements are working … too well. Fillon writes, "The average number of prescriptions per person in the United States increased from 7.3 in 1992 to 10.4 in 2000. Along with this increase in demand, there has been a shift towards the use of more expensive medications. It's more than a coincidence that many of the most expensive medications happen to be those medications that are most heavily advertised." In fact, between 1999 and 2000, prescriptions for the 50 most heavily advertised drugs rose six times faster than prescriptions for all other drugs, according to Katharine Greider's book, The Big Fix. So, how is direct-to-consumer advertising so effective in a system in which doctors write out the prescriptions?

Telling clever stories with misleading ads

Well, first, let's explore direct-to-consumer advertising, namely the television commercial. Most prescription drug commercials follow the same script progression: First, the commercial shows how bleak life was for a person or character before taking whatever prescription medicine the commercial is advertising. Then, the protagonist demonstrates or tells how wonderful life is while on the drug. Finally, a voiceover obligingly lists the side effects, often speaking as quickly and inaudibly as possible.

Take, for example, a Paxil commercial that was recently popular. At the beginning of the commercial, the typical 30-something-year-old woman is standing outside a house, looking through the window at the happy party going on inside. She looks so lonely and depressed that it must break nearly every consumer's heart. "What's wrong with her?" we compassionate humans gasp in unison. The voiceover answers our question as we think it: The woman has social anxiety disorder, a condition that can be treated with the prescription drug Paxil.  Suddenly, the now-medicated woman rings the doorbell and, with a huge smile on her face, joins the party. We see how much fun she is having and we are so happy for her! Of course, the voiceover quickly goes through the list of Paxil's potential side effects, but how can we concentrate on that, when we're so busy rejoicing at the woman's new happiness? Whoever wrote that commercial should write Hallmark movies. After seeing it a few times, I was convinced that most of my non-immediate family had social anxiety disorder and I even called one relative up to suggest that she take Paxil. I'm not even a gullible person, yet I was persuaded by pharmaceutical company advertising.

Doctors prescribe whatever the patient names

We are what Strand calls a "self-medicated" society. Consumers do not actually write their own prescriptions, but they practically do, based on whatever drugs they see advertised on television. Strand writes, "Surveys reported in our medical literature reveal that when a patient comes into a doctor's office and requests a specific drug that he has seen advertised in the media, the doctor writes the exact prescription the patient requested more than 70 percent of the time!"

So, let's say that a consumer who has been feeling a little sad lately sees a commercial for the antidepressant drug Zoloft. The commercial demonstrates the symptoms for depression and the consumer identifies with them. Suddenly, he or she thinks, "I'm not just sad. I'm depressed, which is a 'medical condition that can be treated by the prescription drug Zoloft.'" With this in mind, the consumer goes to a medical doctor and says, "I've been really depressed a lot lately. I've been [the consumer recites the depression symptoms listed in the Zoloft commercial]. I think I need Zoloft." So, according to Strand, there's a 70 percent chance the doctor will prescribe Zoloft, the exact prescription the consumer requested. That's how pharmaceutical commercials really work. They directly influence consumer behavior, yet drug companies claim they only "educate" patients, but don't persuade them to do anything.

Doctors are easy to manipulate, drug companies discover

You may be wondering why doctors base their prescriptions on the requests of their patients, who usually have no medical training whatsoever. That's a good question with a simple answer. The pharmaceutical-advertising machine seduces doctors, too.

According to Burton Goldberg's book, Alternative Medicine, paid pharmaceutical advertisements are the main source of the Journal of the American Medical Association's revenues. The American Psychological Association is equally under the pharmaceutical companies' spell, as 15 to 20 percent of the American Psychological Association's (APA) income comes from pharmaceutical advertisements in its journals.  In Innocent Casualties, Elaine Feuer calls these advertisements "intentionally misleading" because they promote the pharmaceutical by "exaggerating a drug's benefits while downplaying its hazards in small print in the addendum." This is very similar to the obligatory "side effects" voiceover recited at the end of a pharmaceutical television commercial; neither consumers nor doctors pay much notice to the "final voiceover" or "fine print."  Just in case advertisements in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) haven't properly seduced doctors, pharmaceutical companies take an extra promotional step by aggressively "detailing" doctors, which involves promoting drugs through door-to-door giveaways of free information and samples, according to Health Care in the New Millennium. Morrison writes that "Pfizer alone has 4,500 people in its sales force," but these employees' salaries are small change compared to the increased revenue they encourage.  The next time you watch television or read a magazine, pay special attention to pharmaceutical advertisements. Notice their promotional hooks and be grateful that you, unlike most consumers, are no longer susceptible to their influence. That's what knowledge, unlike naiveté, brings you.

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Got neck pain? New study says chiropractic care and simple home exercises work better than painkillers

Just found this article on Chiropractic treatment of Neck Pain.  This research confirms chiropractic's role is the reduction of neck pain through corrective spinal adjustments to alleviate irritation to the  Central Nervous System.  If you or a loved one is suffering from neck pain, ignoring the problem may cause permanent damage.  Call today to set up a Consultation to see if Chiropractic Care can help.


Painkilling drugs are associated with dangerous side effects, addiction and overdose. And it turns out they are also much less effective than harmless natural treatments. A new study shows that simple remedies like chiropractic treatments and home exercises relieve sub-acute neck pain better than pharmaceutical drugs - and without all the negative side effects.

Dangerous painkillers can (and should) be avoided

It's estimated that 75 percent of Americans deal with neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain accounts for millions of trips to the doctor every year. The pain can be acute and severe enough to interfere with our everyday lives, but modern medicine offers little help. At best, you get over-the-counter pain relievers or narcotic drugs, all of which come with dangerous side effects and are often not effective enough to get rid of pain.

A new study published on January 3, 2012 in The Annals of Internal Medicine demonstrates the power of alternative therapies for neck pain. Participants in the study were divided into three groups: one group made regular visits to the chiropractor, one group received traditional drug therapy, and the third group was instructed on how to perform therapeutic exercises at home to combat their neck pain.

At the end of 12 weeks, it was clear participants who engaged in non-drug therapy fared better than those who received painkillers. In the chiropractic group, 57 percent of individuals reported at least a 75 percent reduction in pain. In the home exercise group, 48 percent reported similar pain relief. However, only 33 percent of the painkiller group saw such results.

The long term benefits are equally impressive. Even one year later, patients in the chiropractic and home exercise groups were still experiencing benefits. About 53 percent in each of these groups still saw at least a 75 percent reduction in pain. In the painkiller group, only 38 percent reported this kind of pain relief.

Besides being less effective, the painkiller group was also increasing their medication over time, which can lead to more serious side effects.

"The people in the medication group kept on using a higher amount of medication more frequently throughout the follow-up period, up to a year later," says Dr. Gert Bronfort, research professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota and an author of the study.

He adds, "If you're taking medication over a long time, then we're running into more systemic side effects like gastrointestinal problems."

It's clear that pharmaceutical drugs are not only dangerous, but ineffective compared to safer natural alternatives for dealing with neck pain.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chiropractic is Health Care, Not Disease Care

Chiropractors have, for the past 112 years, treated sickness and infirmity without the use of drugs and with the goal of avoiding surgical removal or repair of any of the body's organs or structures. Chiropractic's message is that the proactive care of one's body and wise lifestyle choices are necessary to achieve health. Chiropractors have held and maintained this view, even before it became fashionable and long before evidence made it clear that the drug and surgery model of "health care" is really nothing more than "disease care", waiting for disease to occur and then treating the effects. Chiropractic takes a preventive approach to health care: eliminate the cause of disease.

Chiropractors have always maintained that interfering with the transmission of the electro-chemical signals that connect your brain, the master control system for the human organism, to every organ and cell in your body has a detrimental effect on health.

This system is so delicate and of such vital importance that the body has designed the most elaborate set of protection, armor if you will, to protect it. The skull is a protective vault that houses and protects the most sensitive of systems: the eyes, the mouth, the ears and most importantly, the brain. The next critical organ in your body, the spinal cord, is guarded by your spine. This masterpiece of engineering is 24 vertebrae, each one a unique bone, that serves not only as the axis of your musculoskeletal system, giving you the unique ability to walk upright, but also has a unique set of nerves that run through it to every other system of the body through individual holes called foramen.

What travels through the spine and the foramen that protect them is the very essence of your being. From your brain, your spinal cord and the millions of nerves that branch out from it are the core from which your body functions. Before you came into the world, you formed a brain and a spinal cord and developed a body around it. And so it is today that the brain regulates the rest of your body through this delicate system of nerves protected by your spine.

Chiropractors maintain the proper position of these delicate joints and the precious cargo which they protect, your nerve system.

Pressure on the root nerves that leave the spine through the foramen to control and regulate all of the other organ systems of the body can affect millions of nerve fibers. Pressure on the brain stem, where it leaves the skull and enters the spine can also affect millions of nerve fibers. Interfering with these nerve fibers can have disastrous affects on your health.

Chiropractors detect and correct the cause of this interference, allowing your body to self regulate, adapt and heal. The care and maintenance of the spine and nervous system is a necessary component of any natural approach to health and wellness.

Chiropractors have been outspoken opponents of water fluoridation, mass vaccination, over-use of prescription drugs, food additives and have always maintained that it is better to find and correct the cause of disease, rather than merely treat or cover up symptoms.

Today, chiropractors embrace and support the growing body of evidence that health is a result of - a fully functioning nerve system, consuming natural, nutrient rich food, clean pure water, proper exercise, natural sleep and emotional/spiritual well being. A healthy spine allows your body to adapt, regulate and fully realize the benefits of all of these other natural methods of avoiding disease and achieving health. See your chiropractor today to have your spine checked and begin to extricate yourself from the disease care system of treating symptoms

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Ease pain and boost immunity through chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is a holistic treatment in that the body as a whole is treated, rather than just isolated problems. Its main focus is on aligning the skeletal system so that ligaments, nerves, muscles, tendons and internal organs can operate optimally. By correcting spinal alignment, pain is able to be eased. The immune system also benefits greatly from this practice, as it is connected to the nervous system which in turn is responsible for performing all bodily functions.

A chiropractor is able to correct spinal abnormalities called vertebral subluxations. These subluxations interfere with the functioning of the nervous system by placing pressure on the nerves. If the nervous system is not functioning as it should, it results in the breakdown of the immune system. This can lead to the body becoming more susceptible to illness and viruses.

People who have regular chiropractic adjustments have up to a 200% stronger immune system than those who don`t. Children experience fewer bouts of flu and ear infection. Those suffering from prenatal discomfort, migraines or tension headaches, and back or neck pain can benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustment.

There are many more forms of chiropractic care than subluxation therapy. These include:

Preventative care therapy:

Manipulations, exercise and adjustments are done to prevent re-injury after recovering from a health complaint.

Maintenance care therapy:

This may involve regular adjustment and manipulative treatment to keep the patient healthy. It can be in the form of massages, specific exercises, weekly manipulations or complimentary herbal remedies.

Massage therapy:

Some chiropractors use this as a supplemental way to ease pain that may be aggravating skeletal alignment.

Home therapy:

This may involve having the patient do simple treatments at home after having chiropractic adjustment. These include, but are not limited to, specific exercises, the use of heating pads or ice packs and suggestions to improve sitting and standing postures that help eliminate further discomfort.

Intensive care therapy:

After the initial examination, this is the therapy used to address the problem at hand. It may involve questions regarding lifestyle habits, dietary habits, exercise habits and the suspected cause of the problem. Once these have been established, spinal alignment will most likely be performed immediately.

Even if an individual is not sick, regular chiropractic adjustments can help maintain a healthy immune system and fight against allergies and infections.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Reasons Parents Take Healthy Children To Chiropractors

Some adults may wonder why more and more children are starting to see chiropractors. That’s a good question and the answer is simple: whether we have a large spine or a tiny little spine, if that spine is creating nerve distress then our magnificent bodies may not operate smoothly…

The nervous system is the ‘Master Controller’

The nervous system is the master controller of our body and if its communication channels become fuzzy, distorted or damaged then we experience all sorts of communication errors. For babies and children, this ineffective communication may play out as colic or irritability, an inability to suckle and breastfeed, poor sleep, developmental delays, digestion issues, asthma, behavioural problems, low energy, inability to concentrate, headaches, etc – the list is endless. In fact, regardless of what the end result or symptom may be, all roads to ‘optiminal health’ lead back to the body’s ability to self-regulate and function at a peak level.
While chiropractic may be able to help with a number of health issues, our focus is not treating or curing ailments; our focus is ensuring the nervous system has every opportunity to work efficiently and effectively.

Can you cook at night with the lights out?

For example, imagine your nervous system is like the lighting system in your home. If the lights start to dim, you might not be able to cook dinner very well, you may start banging into furniture, you may trip and hurt yourself, you may feel frightened. How the dim lights influence you precisely will vary but the issue is still the same – there is a communication problem between the wiring and the the light globe which needs detecting and fixing.
In the same way, chiropractors spend years studying the nervous system to be able to detect and correct these ‘communication errors’ in the body.
Another question you may ask is…

“How do little kids get nerve irritation?”

Nerve irritations (or vertebral subluxations) occur as a part of normal daily life. They may result from physical, chemical and emotional stressors or ‘insults’ to our health, such as bad posture, prolonged postures, sleeping on our stomachs, knocks and falls, poor food choices, dehydration, exposure to chemicals and toxins, and stress and anxiety. Some research suggests that even before these lifestyle stressors have an impact, nerve irritation may occur in the uterus from awkward positioning, restriction of movement, and exposure to toxins. Subluxations or nerve irritation may also occur from birth complications such as long labours, very fast labours, or forceps or caesarean delivery.
While research to support how effective chiropractic for children is not yet extensive, parental satisifaction with results achieved is compelling in its own right.
While more research into the benefits of chiropractic for babies and children is needed, chiropractic for little people has been shown to be gentle, safe and effective. Babies can be checked by chiropractors very soon after birth and special techniques have been developed to carefully correct any subluxated areas. When we appreciate how the nervous system may be hindered and impaired it makes sense why more parents are having their child’s spine and nervous system assessed.

10 reasons parents take their children to see a chiropractor:

  1. To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development).
  2. To support their child’s overall health and wellbeing.
  3. To help strengthen their child’s immunity and potentially reduce the incidence of colds, ear-aches and general illness.
  4. To assist with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome.
  5. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies.
  6. To encourage good spinal posture.
  7. To help improve their child’s ability to concentrate.
  8. To assist with behavioural disorders.
  9. To help alleviate digestive problems.
  10. To assist with bed-wetting and sleep issues.
Your child’s health is their greatest asset. In our household we utilise the skill and knowledge of homeopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners, chiropractors (obviously) and wellness-oriented physicians.  I urge you to explore all possibilites you have to strengthen your child’s health.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Statins Are the Greatest Medical Fraud of All Time: Study Reports

A new study clarifies that statins are the greatest medical fraud of all time. The claims made for them are false. The amount of harm they do is staggering, resulting in millions of lives devastated and ended. The worst part of all, though, is that it was entirely predictable—but studies were designed to hide the truth. The media, the health agencies, and the doctors all provided cover for Big Pharma. After all, there was money to be made.
Statins = Fraudby Heidi Stevenson
Statins are one of the most dangerous drugs prescribed by doctors. The risks from them were obvious before they were ever  marketed. Nonetheless, they are among the best selling drugs of all time. Finally, genuine science has been looking at their adverse effects and lack of benefit to document the truth that was obvious from the beginning:
Statins are the greatest medical fraud ever perpetrated.
A new review of the science reports:
The statin industry, with all of its spin-off(s), is a 20-billion-a-year industry. We are observing the revealing of the utmost medical tragedy of all times. It is unprecedented that the healthcare industry has inadvertently induced life-threatening nutrient deficiency in millions of otherwise healthy people.[1]
The only point on which I can disagree is the statement that the travesty of statins was somehow “inadvertent”. There is, in fact, absolutely no excuse for it.
The authors of the study, Sherif Sultan and Niamh Hynes, have produced a paper that is utterly condemnatory of the use of statins. Not only do they condemn the drugs, they also condemn the pseudo science behind it. Though they don’t state it, and obviously could not take such a risk, there is simply no way around the fact that the science behind statins has been largely fraudulent, and that fraud has been perpetrated by Big Pharma.

So what did the study actually say?

Sultan and Hynes reviewed a large number of studies, using Pubmed, EM-BASE, and Cochrane review databases to find them. They focused primarily on clinical reviews, meta-analyses, and large-scale randomised controlled trials. The entire list of studies they selected is included in their paper, which you can read because it isn’t hidden behind a pay wall.
They stated:
We seem to have fallen into the marketing trap and ignored the niggling side effects with regard to the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
The “we” the authors referred to was the medical industry. HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors are statins. Their function is to interfere with HMG-CoA, which is a molecule that’s a precursor to cholesterol. Of course, the purpose of a statin is to reduce cholesterol, which they do accomplish.
So what’s the problem? As the authors state:
Cholesterol is crucial for energy, immunity, fat metabolism, leptin, thyroid hormone activity, liver related synthesis, stress intolerance, adrenal function, sex hormone
syntheses and brain function.
Cholesterol is a primary requirement for an enormous array of absolutely critical functions in the body. Obviously, if cholesterol is reduced, then health must be harmed:
  • Energy levels must be reduced.
  • There must be interference with fat metabolism.
  • The thyroid must not be able to function properly.
  • Our ability to deal with stress is stressed.
  • The adrenal glands’ functions must be damaged.
  • Sexual function and reproductive ability must suffer.
  • Our brain must be damaged, which can mean any part of our existence may be harmed, including mental functioning, autonomic processes, coordination, and every other function, including the heart.
There is simply no excuse for not recognizing that not only is there an obvious risk inherent in statins, but that it would be stunning if they didn’t produce harm.

The Benefit of Statins

In terms of benefit, the authors noted that the only people who are helped at all are middle aged men who have already suffered heart attacks. (Readers of Gaia Health will be familiar with this fact, as it’s been stated here many times.) And that benefit is minimal. In fact, the authors point out that statins produce less benefit for these men than aspirin. Please note that Gaia Health does not support aspirin as a treatment for heart disease, either.
In effect, statins produce not one whit of benefit to anyone in any manner.

The Adverse Effects of Statins

The authors found that, for every 10,000 individuals in good health who take statins:
  • 307 extra patients suffer from cataracts.
  • 23 additional patients develop acute kidney failure.
  • 74 extra patients develop liver dysfunction.
  • Statins increase muscle fatigue by 30% and cause an 11.3% incidence of rhabdomyolysis at high doses.
  • They also state, “What’s more, it induces inflammatory myopathy, including necrotizing autoimmune myopathy with immunosuppression and the statin-related myopathy can last for 12 months.”
They also point out that statins cause erectile dysfunction, and that young men suffer 10 times as much erectile dysfunction on low doses of statins. Beyond all these adverse effects:
  • According to the FDA’s adverse event reporting system, about 40 out of every 10,000 statin reports are for interstitial lung disease, which causes scarring in the lungs that is almost never reversible.
  • Statins cause hyperglycemia after eating in both diabetics and nondiabetics.
  • Statins “induce full blown type 2 diabetes in women.”
  • Statins increase the risk of developing HbA1c in people with and without diabetes. HbA1c is a condition that causes glucose to stick to hemoglobin, which is an indicator of greater harm from diabetes.
  • Statins prescribed to the elderly cause a 9% increase in diabetes.
  • Statins can cause insulin resistance.
  • A correlation between Parkinson’s disease and low cholesterol exists, which clearly implicates statins.
  • A correlation between statins and early-onset cataracts has been found. Statin users may be 50% more likely to develop cataracts early.
Here’s the most shocking health risk of statins:
[S]tatin use is associated with an increased prevalence and extent of coronary plaques calcification. Ironically for a drug which was marketed to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, the confirm registry identified a strong association of statin use to the progression of coronary artery plaque features.
This isn’t simply irony. Statins increase the harm that they are supposedly meant to decrease!
In relation to this particular heart risk, the authors also found that:
Statin use was correlated with a greater incidence of severe coronary artery stenosis as well as increase in the numbers of coronary vessels developing obstructive coronary artery disease. Furthermore, statin use was linked to an increase in the prevalence and extent of mixed calcific plaque. Five prospective studies have borne witness to the fact that statin therapy does not induce any coronary calcium regression and evolution of
coronary calcium continues regardless of statin treatment
That is, statins increase the narrowing of coronary arteries, which can only increase the chance of heart attacks. They increase the development of obstructive coronary artery disease. Statins may increase calcium-related arterial plaques.
Statins also produce a significant increase in the risk of cancer and neurodegenerative dysfunction in the elderly.
The authors point out even more than this—but just how much more do you need to know? Statins are health destroyers.

Intentionally Hiding the Facts

The study points out that statins may increase the risk for nonmelanoma skin cancers by 1.6 times. The authors then state:
For unknown reasons, since these publications the squamous cell carcinoma has been excluded in all reports from subsequent statin trials.
Is there any way to interpret that other than that the statin industry does not want there to be more evidence that statins cause skin cancer?
The authors referenced studies that had claimed to demonstrate benefits from statins. However, when they were reanalyzed by independent scientists—that is, scientists who genuinely didn’t have ties to Big Pharma—they found that the claimed results were false. The studies actually showed that statins produced no benefit and a great deal of harm.

Cohorts in Crime

It’s bad enough that Big Pharma produces studies that can only be called junk science to give an impression that statins are effective and safe. It’s obviously fraudulent, and all those who have willingly taken part in such  studies—whether by paying for them or doing them—should be prosecuted criminally. There is simply no way to get around the fact that, at the very least, many of these people are guilty of negligent homicide by providing false evidence of both efficacy and safety.
News Media
The news industry has also been guilty, as this study was published over two months ago, yet there’s been virtually no coverage by the mainstream media. This is news that could save the lives of millions of people, yet the mainstream media hasn’t bothered with it. Clearly, their interests are not in real news, but are in their owners’ financial interests. Every mainstream media corporation in the United States is owned by another corporation that also owns at least one major pharmaceutical corporation or is controlled by someone with heavy interests in them. For example:
  • News Corporation owns Viacom.
  • Ropert Murdoch founded News Corporation.
  • Murdoch sits on the board of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).
If that weren’t enough, consider also that the pharmaceutical industry is, by far, the biggest advertiser on mainstream media. To suggest that the news media hasn’t also been complicit is either naive or intentionally misleading. The mainstream news media has clearly determined that their duty, to provide information that the public needs, is not their concern.
Health Agencies
The agencies that are supposed to protect us from harmful health products, such as the FDA, the CDC, and the NIH, have all been complicit in the promotion of statins. Even now, the CDC strongly recommends the use of statins. The FDA does nothing more than add warnings to the package inserts of statins, an utterly meaningless endeavor that has never been shown to have any significant effect on sales of drugs. The NIH states, “Statins are relatively safe for most people.”
It’s obvious that our health agencies are acting almost exclusively as marketing agents for Big Pharma.
Last, but certainly not least, are the doctors who prescribe statins. They tend to argue that it’s not their fault, that they can only go by the studies. But the reality is that it’s their job to stand between their patients and dangerous drugs. If they are unable or unwilling to do their jobs—which is clearly the case for any of them who prescribe statins without informing their patients of the risks and almost complete lack of benefit—then they are no different than those who produce pseudo science, junk science, or outright fraudulent science to support these poisons. At a minimum, they are guilty of failing in their duty to their patients. They may also be guilty of negligent homicide for any patient who dies as a result of their lack of diligence.

The Greatest Medical Fraud of All Time

Statins are the greatest medical fraud of all time. It had to be known from the very beginning that they would likely produce a great deal of harm. As the authors point out, statins interfere with the production of cholesterol, thus producing deficits in metabolic functions that are necessary for life.
There is, therefore, no excuse for doctors not to know.
There is no excuse for the news media not to do the research that would have shown them the fraud being perpetrated.
There is no excuse for the health agencies that approved statins or the ones that promote them. They had to have the relevant information.
And finally, there is no excuse for the doctors, because they should have known. If they didn’t, then they were derelict in their duty.
Everyone involved in the development, marketing, approval, promotion, and prescription of statins is guilty of perpetrating the greatest medical fraud of all time. Tallying up the death toll is most likely impossible, but there can be little doubt that the numbers run into multiple millions.

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