Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Didn't Think My Car Accident was That Bad

I didn't think my injuries were that bad. I can't tell you as a physician how many times I have herd these exact words, while explaining to a patient the extent of their injuries. Since most people do not have medical training, knowing what signs to look for can be difficult. What makes this dangerous is that some of these injuries can be life threatening or permanant if not treated a.s.a.p.!
Car accidents and the injuries they cause have been the subject of many scientific studies throughout the years. How injuries manifest and how they are resolved(i.e. what therpies work the best) I'm sure will continue to be debated for years. The one thing that has been proven true is that not all injuries show up right after the accident.
Headachs, disc injuries, whiplash(torn muscles & ligaments) and inflamation don't always show up immediately. Many times the accident victim may not experience symptoms for days or even weeks, even though serious damage has been done. There are several reasons this may occur, but the damage done to the spine and surrounding structures will ultimately cause Chronic Pain, Disc Damage, and even Loss of Function. This is the case with most small accidents, however with bigger accidents the damage done can be life threatening.
The answer to all of this is simple, get checked! Call your doctor immediately after Any car accident and have a complete examination done including; physical exam, x-rays, consultation, and a report of the findings by the physician. Once you have done this and have a comprehensive understanding of your injuries, you can make an educated decision as to which therapy will work best for you.
Whether your accident was major or minor, you owe it to yourself to get evaluated by a physician. Injuries to the spine and the spinal structures will not heal correctly on there own and you could be left with a lifetime of Disability and Pain. If you have had an accident, call us today at Bode Chiropractic. (813) 891-1600